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Thank your for visiting the Poetry Corner where new authors can submit their poems and receive feedback on their work. If you would like to have your poetry add to this page please email it to CustomerService [at] AroundTheWayBooks [dot] com. All poetry is subject to review and may be rejected or edited for content. Around The Way Books .com will not be held legally responsible for any copyright infringement by or of the poems displayed here. By submitting a poem for display in The Poetry Corner, you acknowledge that the poem is your original work and not the product of anyone else. All feedback received on a poem will be forwarded to the author.  Thank you for your support.


Click on the Poem Title to view the entire poem.

Child Birth by Andre Lewis "Push, push is all I can hear..."

Fictitious Realism Equally Expressed by Starkim "I just want to be free..."

A Dream by Tracy Moody-Williams "To want and not to have, to desire and not fulfill..."

The Man by Sheila White "I need much from you, but least of all your ends..."

Sweet Love by Andre Lewis "Open your arms to me sweet love..."

For Rick or Chris by Godiva Rice "Who are you? Rick or Chris?..."

Emotions (Remember Me) by Melice Golding "Sadness, anger, happiness, joy,..."

The Memory of a Mad Man by Andre Lewis "My memory comes back to me in tiny rivulets..."

Jamaica by Carol Georgette Brooks "Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica,..."

Caution: for Entertainment Only by Teresa Legette "Drive byes, shoot outs, weed heads and hoes,..."

Black Man by Martin "The Testament" Dean "Black Man I am feared, I am hated,..."


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Poem and Poet - Free Poetry Site - tell the story behind the poem A free poetry site where independent poets are invited to send in a poem and the story behind it. This unique idea allows readers to appreciate poetry in the context in which it was written and encourages them to respond with a poem of their own.


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