Caution: For Entertainment Only

by Teresa Legette

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Drive byes, shoot outs, weed heads and hoes,
fast cars, tight gear, you know how they roll. 
The one's that's "Bling Blinging!"
screaming money ain't a thing,
with the platinum watch and iced-out ring.
Bad Boys and Thugs with them tattoos and bad attitudes,
growing up in the Pjs, their clique rules.
Court cases, drug charges, the hottest videos,
yelling  "Funk the police" (you know how it goes). 
With your platinum jewelry you claiming to be Cash Money,
trying to turn your girl into one of those videos honeys.
Now you wanna live like the videos
cuz you thinking it's cool,
them gangsta lyrics got you acting a fool!
CAUTION: my wondering soul,
don't get lost between Rap and Reality,
dropping out of high school
cuz' Thug Out is what you want to be.
You're heading down the right path
to be locked up, dead or lonely, 


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