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"A page turner. I just couldn't put it down." Nicole, St. Louis, MO

"I asked myself, a third of the way through the novel, what more could a reader want in an urban, suspense novel than what author Andre Lewis has offered up in Pay to Play? I just hate to be disappointed by a novel. I am an avid reader and have now become an avid fan of Mr. Lewis. I can’t wait to read his next novel." Tyrone, Lake Jackson, TX

"This one kept me going but there was too much sex. The main character was very promiscuous. Great plot and the book really kept me going. The ending was a surprise but not to my liking. I will remain a fan though and will read his next one with hope." Karen, Springfield, MO

"Lewis is definitely the best new black author, a very good read. It was two o’clock in the morning before I finally put it down." Keisha, Columbus, OH

"I had a hard time putting this one down. What a marvelous read! Andre Lewis has literally shown his potential for writing a great novel. As more authors have joined the urban novel band wagon in recent years, few authors have Mr. Lewis's natural flair at providing readers with a tale sure to keep them on the edge of their seats. Once the reader starts Pay to Play they better put their life on hold as they won't be able to put this one down." Andrea, Simi Valley, CA

"I really enjoyed this book. The plot kept moving and never let me get bored. The characters and situations were definitely something I could relate to growing up in the city." David, Bronx, NY

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