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Pay to Play by Andre Lewis
Pay to Play
by Andre Lewis

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The Plexus Agenda by Andre Lewis

The Plexus Agenda

By Andre Lewis

ISBN 10: 0-9755342-2-X

ISBN 13: 978-0-9755342-2-9

LCCN: 2007040794

Publisher: Around the Way Books (November 2007) 

Genre: African-American/Espionage/Fiction

Retail Price: $14.99

On Sale Now for $9.99

"gripping, compelling, and a total page turner. It was too entertaining to put down. You have identified some of the fears African-Americans have, and manage to weave them into one hell of a story." - C. Lee, Chapter President, NAACP 


"A haunting mixture of history, technowarfare, and human survival, intense enough to evoke hate, fear, and soul searching in every reader." - D. Williams, President, Caribbean African Unity


'A must read book for all Black men to pick up.' Shyheim, Rapper/Actor


Book Synopsis

This insightful novel opens the readers eyes to issues of race relations in the United States.


The Plexus Agenda by Andre Lewis
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African-American/fiction/espionage novel.  Your opinion will help us determine what types of books to publish in the future. 
email us at: info [at] aroundthewaybooks [dot] com


About the Author

The Plexus Agenda is Mr. Lewis second fiction book. His first book, Pay to Play, details Marlon, a 28-year-old black man who lives a regular life until he meets a childhood friend named Fresh who gives him an offer he just can’t refuse. Plunged into a world where lies, treachery and death are common place, Marlon wants his regular life back and he is willing to stop at nothing to. Pay to Play is available through Around the Way Books, January 2005.


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