A Dream

by Tracy Moody-Williams

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To want and not to have, to desire and not fulfill. Months of feelings brought into just one night.

A dream come true, but what was it really to lust for such a man I can't have. Do I move on and keep dreaming, and wait for my own to come along.

One night of passion was all I thought I would need, for I, am, craving for your body for a spot you forgot to feed.  

All I can do now is keep this dream alive, and say to myself god knows that I tried.

To have, to hold, to want, to crave, to lust to feel, is it real, why me I ask continuously, all the men in this world I chose one with a ring.

Hidden Meaning Of Dreams
What are your dreams trying to tell you? What does it mean if you dream about being naked, babies or pregnancy, colors, people, sex, and much much more. Find out here



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