For Rick or Chris

by Godiva Rice

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Who are you? Rick or Chris?

Do I have to suffer all the time like this?

You jumped out that truck and gave me the number.

Is this what you do all day long? Makes me wonder.

You copped a plea when you didn’t call me back!

From what I understand- it's always like that!

How many women do you seduce in day?

Fashing those pretty brown eyes- giving your number away!

Yu made me weak- like you did the others.

Do you protect your manhood? My strong black sexy brother!!

I turned on the cell, so I can reach you- to hear your voice.

All day long, you don't answer my calls- is that your chioce?

Yeah "get free incoming calls" , you said to me...

Now I know why!! Other women can reach you for free!!!

I've learned to hate the fact, I am not the only one!!

You're getting everything you wish! Can I get some??

I gave you my mind, body, and soul.

Get everything you can, is that your goal??

Rick or Chris who r u to me??

Someone who I might have to set free? 

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