Sweet Love

by Andre Lewis

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Pay to Play
by Andre Lewis

The Plexus Agenda
by Andre Lewis

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Open your arms to me sweet love

Keep me warm and safe

Without you there’s a big empty space.

Let me feel your deep soulful kisses on my lips

I am hungry, feed me your love for eternity.

I will let go of the exterior world and be consumed by you

You are my world, my world is you.

Think about the wonderful times

That we’ll have to share with each other

Let me be your everything

Because you are my everything

I have graduated from one-night stands

And that old time fling and swing

You’re mere presence fills my world with joy

Is there anything that could be done to win your love?

Give yourself to me and we can live in happiness for eternity.

We can escape the rigorousness of the exterior world

If we come together and be consumed by each other

I can see in your eyes you want what I ask

Yes, it’s just one step towards me

But loving you will be an endless task.

So open your arms to me my love

And lets runaway to that special place called sanctuary of love.

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