The Man

by Sheila White

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I need much from you, but least of all your ends
What I need most from you is a lover and a friend

Both in one is ideal to me
But each is measured in it's own degree

To keep me interested you must stimulate my mind
To keep me satisfied you must hit it from behind

Your only real challenge now is just to keep up
Cause for an amateur, my mood swings can be sort of rough

At the most I don't mean to confuse you
So for some insight I'll give you a preview

Can you be down with exploring my body, finding new ways to turn me out?
And still deal with my spiritual side, finding God, that's what I'm talking

Then turn around and chill,relax with my friends and fam.
Do you think I'm asking too much, maybe some superman?

Nah! He's out there waiting just for me
W/ a fitted to match every pair of jeans

Now don't be too hasty and label him simple
For the intellect he spits will have you massaging your temple

Sportin Armani and Valentino suits,
honey looks like he just stepped off the cover of GQ

Smart enough to analyze and give me advice
Yet sexy enough for me to look at twice

He can talk a good game to cut the deal
But knows how far to go he keeps it real.

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