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by Andre Lewis

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Pay to Play
by Andre Lewis

The Plexus Agenda
by Andre Lewis

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Push, push is all I can hear

As I gasp for more and more air.

The pain I feel is excruciating

A lump, no a hill, in my womb.


Push, push is all I can hear

As I gasp for more and more air.

Why won’t it come out?

I feel numb, cramped, ripped as this hill moves an inch.

I want to pee, so I do,

But this pee feels like a ball attached to my womb.


Push, push it’s almost there, is all I can hear

As I gasp for more and more air.

I see doubles for a moment then I focus once again.


Push, push, it’s almost there.

Push what? I dare not ask.

I feel like my insides are on fire,

From this act of human desire.

I swear, I will never ever go though this again.


Push, push is all I can hear

As I gasp for more and more air.

A tear trickles down my face

As I feel the hill moving with great haste.

Who put me in this predicament?

I look to my right to see his ugly bearded face.


Push, push, it’s coming, it’s coming

I feel hands and a painful tear

I swear never to go though this again

As I gasp for more and more air.

I gather all the courage and strength I can muster

And push one last time in a desperate plunder.

I feel that hill, that ball, as it leaves my womb to fall

And I feel a great release, painless.


As I slip into unconsciousness

As I go, I think, oh what a mess.

I am awoken by that ugly bearded face.

As I focus, he looks manly and handsome in his place.

He hands me all my troubles and pain.

Oh, it’s so cute, as I hold my troubles and pain to my face,

I think to myself, with great hope and pride,

I can do this, I can do this again

Cause it’s worth my troubles and pain.



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